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You have received expert consultancy from us and purchased a well designed RUWAC vacuum or dust collector, which you intend to use for the next 20 years extensively.

You expect to receive a solution which performs every day as on day one.

Moreover, if you are handling explosive matters, you do want to be sure that the related safety certificates which came together with your vacuum remain valid!

Well, even the best machines in the world need service in order to deliver on that promise.

Who takes care for the servicing of your car? 

Yes, the authorized manufacturers service workshop.

With an industrial vacuum its no difference and as you rely on your car to bring you to work every day, you also want to rely on the vacuum to do its job without interruptions.

This is especially the case for the many applications, where our dust collector is connected to a production machine:

The vacuum does not work or performance is down due to a clogged filter or other reasons means:

Your production machine is down too!

Therefore, you should let our RUWAC professionals carry out the regular maintenance needed to keep your vacuum in a safe and perfect operation condition.

Like a car, every industrial vacuum needs an inspection and eventually a change of filters and other wear parts from time to time.

You can expect a very long lifetime of our high quality wear parts but depending on the application, some maintenance will be required every 1000 to 2000 operating hours.Type your paragraph here.

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